Don’t be another company that’s missing 50% of vulnerabilities and lurking threats. Be ready when bad actors get in.

Current scanning technologies for the commonly used software for companies like yours miss 50% of vulnerabilities, leaving your software exposed to unexpected attacks. Like a signal flare, Alkemist:Flare delivers a bright, real-time indicator of application failures related to cyber-attacks and software weaknesses, capturing at runtime what scanning tools don’t identify at testing time.

Alkemist:Flare technology empowers your team to see events indicating reliability issues, performance degradation, service availability risk, and attack vectors that could lead to disruption in service.

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What’s included?

  • An assessment of the stability and reliability of the software across your systems
  • A prioritization of vendors or open source packages that could put your infrastructure at risk
  • Recommendations on how to mitigate exposure to cyber attack for your most vulnerable software

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What can Alkemist:Flare do for you?

Disrupt Attacker Economics

Identify code weaknesses that scanning tools miss

Reduce Attack Surfaces

Automatically route flares to security operations or developers for resolution

Protect Key Applications

Minimize time & resources wasted on false positives